"As a client of Nathalie, she builds trust and shares so useful advice and insights about the best way to buy a house in the greater Seattle Area. She spends time explaining how things worked and to find great opportunities. It took only one month to find our house! I highly recommend Nathalie."

- Axelle & Quentin - Issaquah, 2018


"Nathalie is extremely professional, knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and was always attentive to our immediate needs. What sets her apart is her attention to detail. As a busy professional (and having surgery during the middle of our process) I simply did not have the time to read and understand every last detail of the cumbersome real estate process. But that is one of Nathalie's specialties and she guided us through every step, always pointing out the things that did require our attention. Nathalie also has a great team behind her, photographer, staging consultant, lending professional, and inspectors. I highly recommend Nathalie for all of your real estate needs. "

- Alan & Deanna, Sammamish WA -

"We have been extremely impressed by Nathalie's professionalism when it comes to finding a house for us and helping us for the whole buying process. the most important factor for us was trust, and we have always felt extremely confident that she was always going to be doing the right choice, according to our expressed preferences. We have never had the expertise when it comes to buying a home, and Nathalie gave us just that: the eyes of the expert, a person always there to guide us and point us the potential traps and tricks. in other words, she was awesome. Oh, and she's VERY organized too, which proves helpful, especially when you're confronted with so much paperwork! "Nathalie Boss has been extremely helpful and efficient in selling my house while I was overseas. Nathalie managed the entire process very effectively and went the extra mile to make sure that the house was ready for sale on short notice. I highly recommend Nathalie"

- Lorene & Nicolas, Sammamish WA -


"Nathalie did an outstanding job while advising us on our home purchase. From the moment we decided to purchase, she guided us through all steps and even found solutions to complex issues we were facing for a mortgage. I really liked her honest and no pressure behavior which made the buying process quite enjoyable. Even 6 months later, she is still following up to make sure everything is fine in the home we purchased."

- Ariane & Hubert, Bellevue WA -


"When we were ready to put our house on the market, we could not get any recommendation for a realtor. None of our neighbors had a realtor they could recommend. They had plenty of names they did NOT recommend, which is in itself quite useful. Finally, a coworker did recommend Nathalie. And we can say that we are glad we picked her. Not only is she an efficient realtor but she is also respectful of people's choice, opinion, and feeling, and you can tell it is not fake. She just does not pretend to listen or understand. She does listen and understand. And above all, she is not pushy. For those who had to work with a pushy realtor will find this quite refreshing. I am recommending Nathalie to all my friends and neighbors and I am sure you will too."

- Monique & Richard -


"We highly recommend Nathalie, she was fantastic to work with. Nathalie understood our needs really well, made sure she visited the houses before presenting them to us and would take time to gather additional information for us when needed. When it came to closing on a house, Nathalie was always at our side, she even worked on a proposal while on holiday at her hotel and the airport, with phone calls going late in the night. The closing on our new house was tough as there were several offers, including cash buyers. Nathalie represented us really well through the various rounds of negotiations and managed to successfully close within our budget. Thanks Nathalie!"

- Olivier & Anne-Laure - Kirkland, WA


"I have interviewed several agents before selecting Nathalie to buy my house. I have selected her based on her experience in my preferred area and recommendations from others. Nathalie has been extremely proactive in identifying opportunities, and responsive to all my requests. She masters all the processes involved in the purchase of a house which helps avoid pitfalls. She's been able to also adjust to my specific needs and close the house in 25 days. Thank you Nathalie."

- Roland - Kirkland, WA


"I have worked with Nathalie, a great real estate agent, for 3 investment properties in Redmond. She has done an amazing job in working with us as we were quite tough buyers and looking for good investments. She went above and beyond in visiting condos for us and with us for a year, made several offers, always being available, detailed, and on time reminding us often of deadlines. We closed on 3 thanks to her, always timely, and got renters super quickly as she had suggested great investment properties area.

Whether you are looking for a house because you are relocating, upsizing or downsizing, or for a property investment, Nathalie will be a great partner for any of your real estate endeavors."

- Audrey - Bellevue, WA